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Alcohol addiction is known by a couple of terms including alcohol dependence, alcoholism, and alcohol abuse. Medically speaking, dependence to alcohol is referred to as alcohol use disorder and it happens when a person drinks too much alcohol that the body becomes dependent on it.

People afflicted with alcohol use disorder will drink even when they know that there will be negative consequences. Before trying to get help for alcohol addiction in Atlanta, Georgia, recognize first the different causes of alcohol addiction so you will have a better understanding of it.

The Causes of Alcohol Addiction

The cause of alcohol use disorder is unknown but there are identified risk factors. Generally, it is a combination of psychological, environmental, social, and even genetic factors.

Psychological Factors

If a person is dealing with a mental health issue, he or she is at risk of developing alcohol addiction. Anxious and depressed individuals turn to alcohol because it seems to help ease their concerns. They start to get dependent on alcohol when they drink more and more.

Environmental Factors

Those people who are in stressful environments are more likely to drink more than the usual. It is common among those who have stressful jobs and they use alcohol as a way to de-stress. Another one related to environmental factors is exposure to the habit. Many people who are living near alcohol establishments are more acceptable about it and are more likely to join in. Alcohol advertising also plays a huge role in encouraging people to drink by showing ads that make drinking alcohol look fun and relaxing.

Social Factors

Family, friends, and colleagues can influence a person’s attitude towards alcohol. Seeing those people close to the person being okay with binge drinking encourages that person to develop a bad drinking pattern. Even at an early age, a person may indulge in alcohol if the parents and other family members drink at home even when the children are around. Whether it is to fit in with the drinking buddies or because drinking is the kind of pastime that the family enjoys, a person feels comfortable with alcohol that it increases the risk of falling into an alarming drinking habit.

Genetic Factors

Although a lot of people may argue about alcohol addiction being inherited, there are studies about certain chemicals in the brain that make a person susceptible to alcohol addiction. Scientists say that there are various chromosome regions that may be associated with alcohol dependence. Naturally, if these genes are passed down, future generations may also develop drinking problems.

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