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The stimulating effects of MDMA, or ecstasy as it is called in the streets, are what makes it a drug of choice among fun-loving people, especially teenagers. As a parent, you wouldn’t want your kid’s life to be wasted away with this drug. For adults, ecstasy can destroy your life. Overcoming MDMA in Atlanta, Georgia may be challenging, but knowing the signs and symptoms will help you out.

Immediate Effects of MDMA

Ecstasy is very addictive mainly because it makes the user feel energetic. This is the reason why you will often find this drug at clubs and music festivals. Once consumed, the body transforms into a dance machine that remains operational all night. The person may also become extremely touchy because of his or her heightened sensory perception. You may notice that the person also wants to be hugged or touched. He or she becomes over-friendly because of the unusual levels of energy and exaggerated tactile sense.

Signs of MDMA Use

Aside from the obvious signs of MDMA use, you can also observe the person’s reactions. Ecstasy makes a person become sensitive to stimulants especially to pulsating lights and loud music. Pain is also dulled which makes the person oblivious to pain thus he or she may randomly get body piercings or tattoos done.

Physical Changes

For some users, the effects are not too welcoming. Immediately after taking Ecstasy, the user may feel nauseous, their vision becomes blurry, there may be profuse sweating and chills, the muscles will cramp up, the jaws will tighten, the body overheats, and the person may collapse out of exhaustion.

Watch Out For Signs of MDMA Addiction

If you suspect that a loved one is involved in MDMA abuse, be aware of the events they are attending. As mentioned, MDMA is commonly traded at clubs, music festivals, and other similar party environments. These events increase the likelihood of being exposed to the drug.

Next, check to see if Ecstasy in their possession. It may look either like a colored pill or candies with strange markings and designs. Ecstasy pills may be made into necklaces with stretchy strings. There are also tablets that are imprinted with characters and product logos.

Another sign to observe is the sleeping schedule. Do they deviate from their regular sleeping pattern? Are they sleeping more or less?

It is also common for Ecstasy users to have multiple sexual partners. Because of the exaggerated sensory perceptions, they feel smitten even with a person they just met. They want to feel loved through intense physical stimulation such as petting and sex.

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