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Also known as crystal meth, crystal methamphetamine can be used to describe a white crystalline drug. The drug may be injected with a needle, inhaled through the person’s nose (snorting), or smoking it. Meth is an illegal drug and it is in the same class as cocaine and other potent street drugs.

How Does Meth Affect the Brain?

Under the influence of meth, the individual may lose the ability to make healthy and/or logical decisions. Neurological shifts can occur from the very first time the drug is used. That’s how dangerous the drug is. Meth can alter the brain’s overall circuitry and reward pathways. Next, the original euphoric high that users get, can never quite be recreated. This causes the desire to try meth repeatedly becomes deeply ingrained in the person’s brain. You should keep in mind that addiction is not a personal weakness, a moral failure, or a choice. It is a physical and mental health issue that requires professional treatment.

Understanding the Effects of Prolonged Meth Abuse

When meth is abused for a prolonged period of time, the dopamine pathways in the person’s brain change. How they once experience pleasure, will no longer be the same. Meth addiction also leads the brain to become dependent on the drug. It needs the drug to stimulate certain areas. Without meth, addicts are unable to enjoy normal pleasures.

Meth addicts have an obvious physical trait. It is called meth mouth – tooth loss and tooth decay. Meth addiction tend to cause dry mouth and frequent teeth grinding episodes. Additionally, a meth addict may also mistake prickling sensations as lice crawling all over their face. Also known as meth lice, it can cause the person to frantically scratch his or her face. Other noticeable signs of meth abuse include:

  • Excessive sweating
  • Deep sleep
  • Severe weight loss
  • Flushed appearance

What is the Lethal Meth Dosage?

An individual’s previous exposure to the drug may determine the lethal dose. For example, it can be the person’s unique capacity to digest the drug or the way they take it. In some cases, the person may be at a greater risk if he or she has some diseases of the vital organs. That could affect how their bodies metabolize the drug. Below are some observations:

  • Smoking 50 mg of meth can be extremely harmful
  • Injecting 100 mg of meth is dangerous
  • A single oral dose of 150 mg of meth can produce a fatal situation

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It is recommended that a meth addict seeks treatment as soon as possible. You should find a reputable meth addict treatment center that can help the individual break the addiction cycle, manage his or her emotional response to the drug, and relieve pain from potential withdrawal symptoms. Meth addiction is like any drug addiction, family support is encouraged to aid the recovery process. If you know someone who needs help overcoming meth addiction, do not hesitate to call our Atlanta addiction hotline at (678) 210-3857 today. Our caring call operators will help you find the best possible drug addiction program.